Hidden Spy Apps on Android: What They are and How to Get Rid of Them

What’s worse than discovering someone has been snooping through your files? Finding out they’ve done it without you ever knowing! That’s just what hidden spy apps on Android can do. 

From tracking messages and calls to stealing personal data, these apps may be securing more than just your privacy. But don’t worry — there are ways to detect and eliminate them.

What are Hidden Spy Apps on Android

Hidden spy apps are secret applications like SpyIc installed by a third party to monitor activity on your device. They cover the gamut of tracking from text messages and calls to GPS locations and installed app usage. While some of these spying programs may have legitimate uses, such as keeping track of children’s phone activity, others are designed solely to monitor users without their awareness.

Common features of hidden spy apps include keylogging, which records anything typed on a keyboard (call or text logging and recording). The programs can also track the device’s location, monitor installed apps, take and send screenshots, lock or delete information without notifying the user, and even disable certain functions.

Often times people install hidden spy apps on their phones for malicious reasons. It may be a jealous ex, a suspicious employer, or an abusive parent. All of these cases are unfortunate, but it does happen and should be taken seriously. 

Though difficult to detect, spotting the signs of hidden spy apps is generally easier than finding out who created them. Either way, the consequences of these apps can be unpredictable and dangerous.

How Hidden Spy Apps Affect Your Privacy

What’s worse than having your phone monitored by a hidden spy app? Having that data seen and shared with someone else. This can cause immense breaches of privacy, both personal and financial. 

For example, keystrokes recorded by the app could be used to gain access to bank accounts, or emails could be used to contact contacts. There’s also the potential for legal repercussions if you’re using apps designed for tracking online activity without permission from the other party involved.

Furthermore, not being aware of any violations of privacy law may lead to lawsuits regarding your actions. 

Detecting Hidden Spy Apps on Android

From the outside, it can be difficult to tell if hidden spy apps are running on your device. It is not encouraged to connect your phone to random computers, as this could download spy apps that infect a variety of user data and make it easier for hackers or people with malicious intent to gain access. Nonetheless, here are some reliable ways you can detect hidden spy apps:

1. Fast Battery Drainage

Is your battery draining faster than normal? Spy apps can consume extra power, which you’ll notice as a quicker-than-usual battery drain. While a battery drain can have other causes, it’s worth taking a closer look at what’s consuming your power if this is happening – especially if you haven’t installed any recent apps. 

2. Unusual Network Data Usage

Less obvious than the battery drainage problem, an increase in data usage can also be a sign of spy software running on Android devices. Hidden apps may use networks (WiFi and cellular) to transmit stolen information back to their owners without you even noticing.  

3. Look Out for Suspicious Apps

One of the most common signs that hidden spy apps are running on Android phones is the appearance of unexplained icons in your app list or settings menu. 

Check carefully for applications with strange names that don’t match any legitimate company that makes streaming music/video services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as communication, search, or social networking features like Skype, Google, or Facebook). 

4. Unusual System Performance

Do you feel like your phone is running slower? Spy apps can affect the speed at which applications open and operate or even the speed at which web pages load. If your device is feeling sluggish, it could be connected to hidden spy apps running in the background. 

For a more transparent indication, use mobile hardware or battery monitors to find out what’s draining your system, which may include spy apps on your phone. 

5. Device Heat Up

Hidden spy apps often run in the background, so they cause your device to heat up over time. Thus, if your phone is suddenly heating up too fast, it could be a sign of spy software activity running in the accounts and profiles you don’t know about. 

Just like with other signs of hidden spy apps, if you start experiencing more heat-up than usual on your device, it’s probably best to check for suspicious activity. 

Removing Hidden Spy Apps from Android

It’s not easy to detect and remove hidden spy apps from your device. However, there are some methods for doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways how to uninstall the hidden spy phone apps on Android.

1. Uninstalling Hidden Spy Apps Through the Device’s Settings

If you can track the hidden spy app in your phone settings, then it’s possible to remove it from there. However, this may be difficult if the company that created the software is sophisticated enough; some spy programs use camouflaged names to blend in with other applications running on phones. 

To remove the spy app, head over to the device’s settings and look for any suspicious apps that don’t seem to fit with any legitimate companies. If you find one, click on it and then press the “Uninstall” button. 

Keep in mind, though, that even after you successfully uninstall a hidden spy app, residual traces of the program might still remain on your device. 

2. Using Anti-Malware and Security Apps to Detect Hidden Spy Apps

Another effective way to detect hidden spy apps is by using anti-malware and device security applications. These apps can scan your phone for any spy programs that are not visible in the general settings. It’s important, then, to make sure you’re using a reliable anti-malware and security app so that it can properly identify hidden spy programs. 

You may also consider running a scan with your antivirus software from time to time, as this can help detect any malicious programs your phone might be hosting. 

3. Manual Methods for Finding Hidden Spy Apps on Android

The last option is the most labor-intensive, but it’s also the best way to catch hidden spy apps that wouldn’t normally surface in standard scans and searches. Head over to system logs or process lists available via your device’s root access settings, and keep an eye out for anything strange or coded-sounding names. If you find them, uninstalling them should be easy since all it requires is a few clicks of the mouse. 

For example, if you look in the application section of your phone’s root, you’ll see a list of apps currently running on it. Check out any unfamiliar names or some that you know should not be there. Just to be sure, cross-check the names with a list of legitimate and known apps. 

Tips for Preventing Future Installations of Hidden Spy Apps

It can be tricky to ensure hidden spy apps aren’t installed on your device, but there are some steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

• Make sure all the apps are from trusted sources and that your phone is set only to allow downloads from legitimate applications. 

• Keep an eye out for suspicious activity, even if you don’t think it might lead to a security risk. Unusual network traffic or battery draining could very well point toward spy software hiding in plain sight on your device. 

• Regularly update your phone’s security settings; this will help prevent anyone (or anything!) from accessing data stored on the device without authorization. 

• Consider investing in anti-malware and phone hardening software to protect yourself against any malicious software that might try sneaking its way onto your device 

Finally, consider using Family Orbit as a safe and secure monitoring alternative that is designed with both parents in mind and offers real-time online location tracking along with activity reports so that you always know what’s happening with your loved ones’ devices!  


Hidden spy apps are insidious programs meant to monitor user activities discreetly without their knowledge. These malicious applications have the potential not only for serious breaches of personal and financial privacy but also for legal consequences — whether you’re the one responsible for installing them or not. 

By knowing how to uninstall the hidden spy phone apps on Android, you can protect yourself against possible threats to your data and greatly improve your device’s overall security. Even more so, it is important to be aware of potential signs that hidden spy apps may have been installed and follow basic safety measures like downloading apps from legitimate sources and regularly updating your security settings. 

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